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Aging and Able (55+)

Programs focus on overall strength, balance, aerobic activity, postural and body awareness.

The cost of each 12 week group session is $180, you will not be charged for sessions you are unable to attend.

You are welcome to join at anytime. 

Please visit the program registration page or look below for more information.

Aging Gracefully Yoga

Yoga is an accessible way for all individuals to improve their overall health, function and well-being.

Fit and Able

This strength and balance program focuses on using functional exercises in sitting and standing to improve strength, balance, aerobic activity, posture and body awareness.

Private Kinesiology

Individualized in home support for adults(55+)  living with stroke, osteoporosis or dementia. Programs are designed based on the abilities and goals of the individual.

Your body, brain and heart need you to move.

Movement, exercise and physical activity are the keys to your physical, mental, social health and well-being.

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